Members’ Show – ‘The Small Show’

Welcome to our Summer Members’ Show, featuring ‘small’ works from some of our gallery members.  This is a cash and carry show so be quick for some great Xmas ideas.

Sue Wright Cheryl Boon Blanche Fryer Billy Barnes

‘Flora and Fauna’

Claire Wrattan, Pippa Alexy and Ruth Willis
Using mixed media, digital photography and clay; Claire, Pippa and Ruth present this exhibition for your enjoyment. Often fun, these intriguing takes on the familiar will be sure to surprise and entertain.
Ruth Willis pottery a

'Rural Canterbury' Pippa Alexy


Blanche Fryer
Demarnia Lloyd-Harris
Stuart Lloyd-Harris
David Lloyd
5 August to 30 August
Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm
Profound moments shape our lives as we age; these are stories each one of us carries unseen, connections made and broken, building a web which forms who we are and how we understand the world. 
Demarnia Lloyd-Harris David Lloyd Blanche Fryer