Town + Country

Town + Country

Justine de Spa + Sara-Jane Ludeman + Mary Latimer

Where urban meets rural to celebrate Nature.



Line, Form and Colour

Kerryn Christensen + Dorothy Shrimpton + Barb Gaeth

This is an exhibition where two and three dimensional images are explored using

a range of materials. Come and enjoy a ‘serendipity experience’

March 21 to April 15

Clay, Ink, Oil

January 24 to February 18

Linda Hart, Jill Goddard, Yi-Ming Lin

Three different mediums, three different perspectives.  This diverse exhibition in which three different artists express the ideas that move them to make expressive imagery should appeal to a wide range of people.







11 October to 5 November


The process of being presented to view, be made known and share a captured vision or state. Four Selwyn artists share their personal visions in the form of pottery, drawings and photographic prints

Gaye Morton, Alan Gunn, Jim Conolly and Gary Mills