Weird & Wonderful – Members’ Show

A smorgasbord of imagery from our ‘Weird & Wonderful’ members – enjoy!

This is a cash and carry show so be in to pick up wonderful exciting and unique Christmas gifts.






11 October to 5 November


The process of being presented to view, be made known and share a captured vision or state. Four Selwyn artists share their personal visions in the form of pottery, drawings and photographic prints

Gaye Morton, Alan Gunn, Jim Conolly and Gary Mills








21 June – 16 July
Artists – Caroline Pegg, Don Turner, Klaudia Bartos

Description- Metamorphosis –  the process of transformation. Both through materials and themes, this exhibition  looks at processes of change. Changes in form, ways of using traditional techniques and surreal imagery through illustration, sculpture and printmaking


Please note during July August and September the Gallery will be open Friday Saturday and Sundays only.

Core to Cosmos

Kam Hamilton, Sue Wright and John Bromley

Kam Hamilton (potter), Sue Wright (painter) and John Bromley (painter) have come together to present their work.They are inspired by the cerebral wonders of the Universe, the elemental energies of the Earth, and the endless delights of our World.

John has been inspired by the extra-terrestrial visions revealed in the Hubble telescope, while Sue interprets the world as she sees it here on Earth. Kam delves into the heat and ferment at the very heart of our ever-changing world.


Cry Me A River

26 April  – 21 May
Artists: Blanche Fryer, David LLoyd, Demarnia Lloyd-Harris, Stuart Lloyd-Harris
No river to ford,
no fish, no eel.
No Sunday fisherman,
with his rod and his reel.
Just plans, no solutions;
Have we all been robbed?
Who pays the Ferryman?
for he still has his job?