Georgette Thompson & Kevin Clarke

September 22 to October 17

An exhibition celebrating Te Waipounamu – the South Island, its special places, and unique wildlife. Kevin’s evocative photography and Georgette’s quirky surrealist paintings remind us of what makes our home so special.

One Deep Breath

An Exhibition by Liz Hancock and Michael Barrow.

Contemplate amidst our latest show – “One Deep Breath”. The Exhibition features the thoughtful figurative paintings of Liz Hancock and the intuitive tile and stone sculptures of Michael Barrow. An exhibition to ponder.

June 30 to July 25


Blanche Fryer + Dave Lloyd + Demarnia Lloyd-Harris + Stuart Lloyd-Harris

Collective movements, changing coordinated patterns… where we come together, work together and create together… but our collection of work reflects our own creativeness and individuality.

March 10 to April 4