Anzac Legacy Exhibition

Exhibition – 4 – 29 March 2015 – Anzac Legacy Exhibition

In the footsteps of Horace Moore-Jones
This famous New Zealand painter has inspired an exhibition which honours and remembers the artistic legacy of World War I.

2015-03-Lone pine monument by Brian Dilger 2015-03-Moore-Jones
2015-03-Tai Tapu Monument
2015-03-General by Billy Barnes






Face to Face

Exhibition – 8 October-2 November 2014 – Face to Face

The earth is powerful and timeless and yet also fragile as we are now learning.
Looking at her landscapes we instinctively see reflected human forms – faces and figures in the cliffs and hills, a reminder of earth’s intrinsic connection to her people.

Mike Glover: painter and Dave Walker: potter

2014-10-1    2014-10-2        2014-10-3